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    Grab our tongue-tickingly tasty cotton candy treats, now spinning in Ubud, Bali!

    Epic Fun!

    EPIC, giant cotton candy to go? We say YES!

    A new spin on Cotton Candy

    Quirky flavours or classic treats? All weaved in that magical sweet, fluffy cloud!

  • About Barbapopa

    You can never be sad when you're holding a cotton candy in your hand... and that's absolutely true!


    Whether it's a delightful blast from the past, of those fun memory we have as kids munching on this classic confection at fairs, festivals, or parties, or it's simply the magic of having this wonderfully fluffy, tongue-tickingly tasty cloud of sweet that melts in your mouth... we enjoy putting a big smile on every single person that walks inside our little shop in Ubud, Bali.


    Barbapopa makes classic cotton candy to fall in love with, as well as that giant, epic ones that you didn't know you need in your life. We're here to match your cheery vacation mood, or to fix your sweet tooth... all day every day.


    We're continuously experiencing with different flavors, putting a new spin (pun-intended, yes) and reinventing the wheels. So come and check out our little shop in Ubud, Bali and treat yourself to one big, giant smile you absolutely deserve today.





  • How festive are we feeling today?

    We have four sizes of cotton candy to match your mood. From the classic, right up to the extra festive.









  • This Month's Treats

    At Barbapopa, we're continuously experimenting with different flavors for our cotton candy, taking on new inspirations and tasty ingredients that make our hearts sing. Here are the treats we have in our store this month... watch this space, they might change next month!

    Pretty in Pink

    You can never go wrong with the classics. A reminiscent of vintage cotton candy flair, with that classic strawberry flavor that never gets old.

    Blue Ruin

    Want to go for quirky? A bit of this blue ruin treat will not disappoint. Tasty, with a subtle bubble gum flavor that tickles the tongue.

    Green Queen

    Yass queen! This mint-infused green cotton candy is the perfect match for the fun-loving, epic-looking, royal highness that is you.

    Yellow Submarine

    Good day sunshine! An island’s favorite, Yellow Submarine’s pineapple-flavored treat will surely make your heart sing.

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  • Find Us!

    Find Barbapopa at our little cotton candy shop in Ubud. Or, send us a note for inquiries, collaborations, or just to say hello!

    Barbapopa Bali
    Mon-Sun 11am-10.30pm
  • Why You Have to Eat Your Cotton Candy FAST

    The air we breathe contains not only oxygen and other substances, but also a small amount of water. In Bali, where the humidity level rises and drops depending on the day, the level of water vapor in the air can vary, and this may affect your cotton candy eating situation.


    Cotton candy is made of sugar fibers, so thin (thinner than hair!), delicate, and magical. However, when met with water vapor in the air, these sugar fibers can quickly turn into sweet droplets.


    This is why, on some days when the humidity level soars, and the air is filled with water vapor, we would suggest you eat your cotton candy fast to avoid some sticky situations. Unlike most places that sell cotton candy, we consciously opted not to pre-package ours in plastic bags or containers to lessen our environmental impact.


    Ask our staff about the humidity level, and they will tell you if it’s better to quick-munch these fluffy treats at the shop, or if the day is dry enough that you could eat these sweets while continuing your walk!